It is a question that ponders people’s minds when they see Instagram for the first time, ‘why Instagram?’ Since we get asked this a lot, we thought we would go ahead and answer it on our blog so you can see our insight into why we think Instagram is ‘the place the be’.

Not all people and businesses find this the most beneficial social media platform. This is another reason why we have decided to write this article, so you can use Instagram to your advantage and wreak the benefits! Who knows, you may end up an Instagram star!

Here are 3 reasons we think you should at least give Instagram a go:

Its all about photos!

I’m guessing you’ve heard the quote ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ right? Why right a long winded boring paragraph that no one wants to read when you can post a simple photo that explains something for you! Not only can pictures be athseteically pleasing but they can convey a multitude of things such as ideas, emotions, thoughts and reality, you can’t always put these things across in text! It is an intimate way of connecting with people as it is inviting people into your world.

You can think about what you post from an interaction point of view, think about your Facebook/Twitter feed and which you are most drawn to looking at, those with text or those with photos? Personally, we like to skim text and look a little closer at photos, most of the time anyway! With Instagram your entire feed is photographs, it is essentially taking advantage of this new reality we live in of photo domination!

A marketers dream!

We don’t think that when Instagram was made it was intentionally catered for marketing ploys, but it is definitely the perfect platform if you are wanting to get your brand out there! Unlike other social media platforms you see all photos unlike when you’re on Facebook and it try to cater what you see to what they think you want to see, your posts will all show up in your follower’s feeds so needn’t worry about which posts get the most views, not only that but you can also do sponsored posts to help market certain posts.

Recently they have launched the opportunity for customers to upload videos to the app, this can great for talking to your audience, you can show actual footage of what is going on with your company, you even have the opportunity to show this live!

Trust building!

If you are a business, having Instagram creates trust between you and your customers. Sometimes online interaction can dehumanise something to the point where you don’t trust it as you think it could be a robot typing. Instagram helps you to humanise it by putting a face on it.

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