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✅ Tiktok Followers from Worldwide
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⛔ Please ensure account is public, likes count is not hidden.
⛔ Do not use other party services during the order to prevent overlapping of deliverables.
⚠️ Do not place another order for the same service with the same link until current order is completed to prevent overlapping counts. No refill will be provided for overlapping orders.


Why should you buy TikTok followers ?
If you really desire to reach your full potential on TikTok, Greedier Social Media is here to make all your dreams come true. Whether you are a newbie on this social platform or you have been using it for a while, our team of dedicated social media experts can help you to increase your online presence.

Just for a few years TikTok became one of the most popular social networking sites in a global perspective and the app can transform your online success into profitable business. Statistics show that the number of people that are joining the platform on a daily basis is constantly rising, which also means that TikTok will become the next social media platform that will bring you money, power and fame.

By being on TikTok you have the chance to build awareness and credibility to your brand/business by buying the highest quality TikTok followers from us.

Why should you choose Greedier Social Media as your partner though your TikTok journey ?
Here, at Greedier Social Media, we have a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to answer your questions 24/7. We also ensure to each of our customers a personal social media expert that has the required knowledge and experience over this specific area. We work with many celebrities and worldwide popular brands and we are proud to declare that we provide the highest quality services for social media growth.

By purchasing likes on TikTok from us, you must be sure that you will evolve all the time and you will be aware of all the newest trends on TikTok in order to help you earn money and fame. We also provide the highest quality of TikTok followers on the market at the cheapest prices!

What are the benefits of getting more followers on TikTok ?
The social platform TikTok has more than 800 million users from all points of the world and this number is rising all the time. It is not surprising, because TikTok became literally viral and addictive.

The users of the social platform can create and upload fun videos with templates, they can add music on these videos and edit them as well. However once you create and edit your video, it is time to share it.

We should admit the fact that it is not fun to create an amazing video, which however will not be seen by many people because you don’t have an established audience yet. If it concerns you, do not worry, we are here to help you. Buy the highest quality TikTok followers from the UK №1 supplier and be popular on TikTok.

We totally understand that people do not like to wait ,that is why we guarantee an instant delivery of our services.
Here, at Greedier Social Media we work alongside the best professionalists in the field of social media marketing and we are proud to declare that our high-quality servers guarantee instant delivery for all of our services. As soon as you complete your purchase and we receive a verified payment you will start receiving your high quality TikTok followers straight away.

By receiving your followers instantly you will be more likely to be spotted as a famous user by TikTok, because its algorithms will detect your account as a trendy one. This service is also absolutely safe as we are secured with an SSL certificate in order to guarantee the safety of our customers and all the information related to them.

We can help you to increase your influence on TikTok by providing the highest quality TikTok followers that will build the awareness you need in order to be noticed and to start growing your account. By seeing the big following counts’ on your account, the other people will be more likely to follow you as well.

We do care for our customers’ safety and we guarantee checkout with a secure payment system.
By purchasing TikTok followers from Greedier Social Media you can be absolutely sure that all your personal data you provide will be in good hands and no one will have access to it. No one, even our team members have access to our customers’ identity.

You can make your payment absolutely securely through the most secure payment systems – PayPal or PayOp (credit/debit card). When you decide which package you would like to purchase, you can easily checkout by your preferred payment option, whether via PayPal or via your debit/credit card.

If you wonder how this service works, get in touch with our 24/7 customers’ support and find out everything that you want to know.
Our team members, here at Greedier Social Media are always online to answer your question and to provide you the information you are looking for. Our team will create specific packages that will suit you the most in order to make your TikTok account famous by getting more interactions and reaching bigger audiences.

You can get in touch with us through following ways:

  • You can write us an email to our support mail which is support@greediersocialmedia-co-uk
  • You can text on our 24/7 available online chat on our website and one of our team members will always be online to answer all your questions.
  • You can give us a call on +44 20 39 36 05 81 and one of our team members will be there to help you.

If you want to purchase a specific number of followers on TikTok, that are not available as an option on our website, you can always get in touch with us through one of the methods, we have mentioned above, and our team members will create your desired personal package.

Now you know how the service works so here is how to purchase TikTok followers from Greedier Social Media


First you should choose your desired package with the certain number of followers you would like to receive. If your desired package of followers is not available as an option on our website, you can get in touch with one of our team members and they will provide you as many followers as you would like to have.


Once you have chosen the most suitable package for you, you should insert your TikTok username on the empty section above and then you have to press the button “Connect” so once the payment is made we will be able to deliver the followers in a short period of time.


When all of the previous steps are completed comes the time for checking out. The third and final step is to complete the payment after you have chosen your desired package of TikTok followers and after you have connected your account by inserting your username. You can easily and securely checkout with your preferred payment method – via PayPal or your credit/debit card.