The use of social networking channels has been continually increasing, and this is expected to continue to grow further. As of 2017, 71% of all internet audiences use social networking channels. And by 2021, the total number of social network users is expected to reach 3.02 billion. With the rise of Instagram and Facebook, consumers are always looking to maximise their reach to potential customers therefore channelling their efforts across multiple social media sites.

Most B2C companies have been successfully utilizing social networking platforms to grow their businesses for a long time. Given the popularity of online social networking, there’s huge scope for B2B companies to leverage social networks too.

It is first imprint to establish the reason for having to build up such a customer base, you need to establish your target market. After having established your target market, you can then look to target what social media platform is best for you, the best one will be the ones that you feel will help you better engage with your target audience, for example, if your business is more B2B originated, then you must choose something such as linked in where you can engage with other businesses.

In regards to other methods, B2C businesses are much more likely to go for methods such as Instagram Marketing or Facebook marketing to increase their reach to their customers, businesses can use Facebook and Instagram adverts to organically reach their customers and get their products out to them. Businesses may also look for methods such as Get real Instagram followers to make sure that they have more followers than their competition and so that they can stay ahead.