In Summer 2018, Instagram finally smashed the 1 billion users milestone. … The problem is, Instagram growth is more than just a numbers game. Companies tap into the $6.48 billion worth of revenue Instagram churns out per year by making real connections with the people on their page (grow on Instagram).

Due to this, this just proves how dramatic social media really is and how powerful it can be for making connections and using social media for your business to drive traffic for your products/services.

Many businesses know this and promote huge marketing budgets and campaigns in order to generate traffic for their website, this why we will go through the best social media marketing techniques to help you grow online.

Social Media is a number game, that’s why many people use certain techniques and methods in order to grow fast and generate more interest in their products and services. One of the methods for this is to Buy Instagram Followers and to Buy Instagram Likes, using these methods, people can instantly grow to thousands of followers and likes in a small period of time.  This was they can also generate more organic traffic due to Instagrams algorithms favoring towards more liked and followed pages.

If you’ve considered buying followers to boost your IG presence, you’re not alone. Influencers, celebs and even politicians have all experimented with buying followers in the past. When you’re just getting started on IG or even when you are an established business, it’s hard to convince customers that you’re worth your time when you only have one or two existing fans. However, if you already have a few thousand people in your follower count, you instantly seem more credible, therefore generating more sales for your business.

  1. Make sure your social media page runs with a theme -there nothing more frustrating than seeing a social media page that is full of random content, it is a big turn off for new customers, having a page full of random content will do nothing than steer customers away, the best thing to do is stick to a chosen niche, for example, if your page is about dog grooming than it is best to stick to dog grooming posts that are related and will create engagement with your audience.
  2. Make sure you’re up to date with posting – This is another valid point, make sure you are up to date with your content. For example, another thing that can turn customers way is old content, if a business or user has not posted for over 3 months, customers and followers will assume that this is an old account that may not be in use, users who post actively every day are much more likely to have higher conversion rates.
  3. Create traffic and advertise your page- Most new businesses fail to see opportunity and the power in social media advertising, not only is social media powerful but it is also a cheap opportunity to advertise to millions of people in your niche with Facebook allowing you to advertise your page from as little as £5! It’s easy to see how this is overlooked by many new startups due to them assuming that it will be costly, but this is where the the real growth lies.

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