Social media has been around for some time now however it is only the last few years that things have really sprung to life. With more than one billion people active on Facebook, more than 100 million people using Instagram. Nowadays, users buy Instagram Followers UK to get more exposure. Do you know an average of 305 million active users using Twitter every month. Social media has never been more important in todays society, whether it be for business use or to simply communicate with friends and family.
“Over the past 12 months we have seen social media be used in such a positive way”

Over the past 12 months we have seen social media be used in such a positive way on multiple occasions. Most recently a school in North Carolina closed its doors last monday after a threat was made via Twitter, The message threatened to ‘shoot your school up.’ ” America has been subject to many school shootings in the past however due to the overgrowing use of social media, this particular North Carolina School may have avoided another tragedy through the use of social media.
Of course this is not the only time we have seen social media being used in a positive way, just a few months ago Radha Lohar, a 19 year old woman from India was abducted while travelling on a train from Hyderabad to New Delhi, Fortunately she passed a note to another passenger explaining she was being taken “against her wish”. The Passenger then sent a photo to a family member who tweeted the image to the Ministry of Railways.
This simple act of spending 30 seconds to send a tweet, saved Radha Lohar’s life.These are just a few example of how social media affect our society in a positive way, I could go on and on about the positivity of social media, however I do believe that we should all have social media accounts and the more followers we have the better, not due to us seeming more popular or having more likes on a photo than our friends, but due to the fact the more followers we have on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media avenues the more people who see our posts. I know if I was ever in danger and managed to get a post on Instagram, Twitter etc. I would want as many people to see it and to help me as possible.Although, social media has had major effects on society as mentioned above, even the small things effect us. A simple meme or funny tweet can make someones day. I believe this is why many people buy Instagram followers and buy Twitter followers, for the enjoyment of having hundreds if not thousands of potential people looking at what you post. I know each night as I scroll through my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I am constantly finding myself amused by things that if not for social media I wouldn’t know about. Whether it be a potential life saving tweet, a funny meme or a interesting news story.We are constantly helping and teaching others through social media which is why social media will never die. It will continue to grow and grow as it become a vital part of todays society.

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