If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world! 

social mediaBeing active on social media and getting a social name is a lifestyle in the modern world. Thanks to the development of IT to this level that has propelled the desires of all important members of the society to become a social media image. Media is just the vehicle that brings or caters to the desires of one being famous among the social media. Social media is a very power tool that has evolved itself from rags to rich. Social media is basically a tool that is used to create, exchange, share information about anything existent non-existent in this world.

Social Media

There are various versions of the same. Social media networks can be community oriented where people can share their views over a particular worldly issue or personal issue. The comments posted and the following reviews would form an information base around the topic and the same can be accessed by others. Talking about the various versions of social media, the other branches could be business portals, community gateways, blogs, forums, photo sharing, product knowledge/reviews, social gaming, video sharing etc. all the above different facets of a social media aims at only one thing; people engagement. In turn social media network is classified into a different class based on popularity.


The class is called “virality”. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the examples that fall under this category. They are the most popular among others and are used by uncountable users. Facebook among them is older and is more of a personal database sort. Now, of course it is used by all business portals as a promotion platform. Fans create pages of their favorite celebrities and post their achievements and awards, this in turn serves as a news update. This is a very powerful platform as it is connected worldwide through internet. Across geographical barriers views and thoughts can be exchanged and complete database of knowledge can be formed. In comparison, twitter is more like a professional one.


Many celebrities have their Twitter account and it is very good to see that. Twitter is partnered with all games and movies and features the promotions. The platform is accessible to all and is a very convenient mode of communication. Instagram as a whole is completely different from that of Facebook and Twitter and is a photo-sharing platform. The platform maintains the privacy of the members and keeps it restricted to certain limits. It is a very trusted platform.

Adding yourself to a social media network would surely let you be connected to the whole world and also let people know about your own achievements and accomplishments. Sharing is caring and we all should connect to create.

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