Instagram verification is one of the most sought after services right now, with a vast amount of Instagram users are looking for that exclusive celebrity status, according to urban myth, it can be obtained via a small bit of trickery.

The issue with verification is that it doesn’t really provide much in regards to Instagram  usability: it is definitely not a secret portal to obtaining a contract in the latest hollywood movie, it is more sought after due to giving a user more social status.

One main issue with verification is the fact that in order to considered a viable candidate you must have a large following and be typically very popular, therefore that’s why many people seek options such as buy instagram followers in order to better this chances. Buying followers will allow greater potential for being considered for verification.

Instagram state “Verification is used for accounts that are of high risk of being impersonated”, with this being said, it would be more useful for a person to buy followers in order to attempt to mimic a person of celebrity status in order to give themselves the best chance of becoming verified on instagram.