Once again Instagram have rather strategically replicated Snapchat’s features.

Just the other day, Instagram announced their new additional feature of ‘Explore’ tab, and called it the ‘Events’. The new feature shows users videos which have been taken from variety of football games, concerts, and other big events. The ‘Events’ are tailored to everyone individually based on their interests. Sounds all great and all, but it does resemble Snapchat – for the second time, in just a few weeks.

Instagram rolled out the Snapchat like stories not very long ago, and now it has essentially copied Snapchat’s Live Stories feature.

Although, the new Instagram’s ‘Events’ feature is only available in United States, it will soon be available across the world. However, the new feature hasn’t been very popular amongst users and hasn’t attracted much attention overall. Across social media platforms, users have made remarks that Instagram should stop with these new updates, and simply bring back the chronological feeds, others have said the following: ‘Please, stop. You used to be fun…’. Looks like Instagram is trying way too hard!

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