1. Post daily content:

Studies have shown that the more content a page puts out, the higher amount of engagement that they get. Active accounts are more likely to receive more followers as content is always new and keeps the followers engaged.

  1. The use of Hashtags:

Using the right Hashtags is essential as it will allow other users to find your content easier, it is important that your use the relevant hashtags so that the relevant users can find it, therefore increasing the likelihood that they will follow you as it is content that they are interested in.

  1. Create a business page:

One to market your brand through instagram is to change to a business page, this way customers can easily access your webpage and contact details, as having a business page gives you contact buttons that customers can use for a cause to action.

  1. The Use of brand influencers:

Brand influencers are a good way to gain relevant exposure to your business using instagram, this way, you can send people with a large following a sample of your product for them to post it for their audience to see. The key to this is to choose a celebrity who has the target audience similar to your business as their followers will see them with your product and be lead to your brand.

  1. Buy followers:

If you buy Instagram followers, this helps to build your  profile. Companies with more followers are more trusted as it’s clear that they have a strong fanbase.

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