As you’ll know or might be noticing that nowadays Instagram has been taking lead amongst social media regarding posting photos or videos.And thus people are in a race of being popular in it, but it’s not that easy to be liked or admired by everyone.People like bloggers or vloggers have that eagerness to become well known on instagram rather than normal people or celebrities.Celebrities don’t think about it because they are already very famous so it will take very less time to be famous again on instagram and will gain followers and Instagram likes at the same time, they even sometimes Buy Instagram Followers too.

Talking about today’s topic which is how to gain Instagram likes.I’ve already mentioned above that it does time and patience as well.It’s just the matter that how smartly we work.I know that working hard also matters but working smartly and kinda cleverly also has the same importance.

I’ll discuss some of the points which might help you in gaining likes and.. well no I would rather say that it may help you in receiving love and likes at the same time.Obviously you must be a blogger or influencer for which you are a bit concerned about having likes,followers or being popular their within seconds right? But at the same time also be concerned about how having appreciation or love from people okay? So let’s go to the points now..


This point may help you alot in gaining more likes.The more people you follow and like their posts in it the same will happen with you aswell.In this way the people who you follow might recommend your page to their followers to see your content and thus this could double your likes and wow you have started becoming kinda popular so hurray!..


Another way of getting likes and increasing the amount of your followers aswell is to have a creative content.Work on your content I repeat do work on it.Unless and until you don’t be creative with whatever you post people won’t find it welcoming and the outcome won’t be as expected.Have good captions with your pictures, slighlty edit them like sharpening or enhancing the beauty of it.Don’t focus on applying so many filters be natural as much as you can with whatever you are uploading.So yes focus on this point aswell,And infact all the points which I have or i’ll mention OKAY!


An important key again that is to interact with the people following you.You can have live sessions,Answer their queries,Giving importance to their opinios regarding your page.Basically trying to say that the more you’ll create a friendly behaviour among them the more chances of having people in your account which will increase the likes and their love and appreciation towards you.

Before going to the fourth point I want to mention that these 3 points which I have mentioned above is all what you will be needing for your account wether having followers or likes and most importantly the attention of people.The 4th point is not relevant to this but might be useful for you which may boost up your hopes.Let’s talk about it.


Before starting anything you might have thoughts all mixed-up negative and the positive thoughts.And this happens with everyone.Wether it’s a career matter or related to studies or to be a public figure on instagram, these thoughts will never stop.What we should do is to focus on the positivety and let go the negative ones.It may be hard to do so but you have to do it for the sake of moving onto your decision.Just  believe on your will and HAVE FUN..!

Will end this with a motivational quote again because few good lines does affect our lives in a very good way.