Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networking sites in history, boasting over 600million users across the globe. Businesses, brands, models and celebrities are all looking for ways and methods of increasing their engagement(likes on Instagram), this can lead to more sales and more leads for their business, not to mention from a vanity point of view of having more likes than their peers.

There are many ways of increasing likes both organically and through methods such as to Buy Instagram Likes, today we will discuss the two options on how you can increase your likes using both methods.

  1. Buy Instagram Likes – Buying instagram likes has its advantages, one of which is the speed that you can have the likes delivered to your posts, also, some places offer services such as Buy Instagram Auto likes that add the likes automatically each time you post. This can be beneficial to pages that require quick likes adding to their posts, auto likes enable users to post without having to individually buy the likes.

2. Paid promotions – Another way to increase likes organically is to pay for promotion of the account, this will allow you to also develop a greater understanding of your audience, sing paid promotions will organically reach the correct audience, this will also mean the likes will be genuine and from people who are interested in your content also meaning you will get a higher amount of engagement than if you Buy Instagram Likes.

3. Shout outs- This is a tradition method of Instagram marketing, in the old school days, users used to brand their images with hashtags such as S4S meaning “shout out for shoutout” and other similar hashtags like that. Since then, this hashtags have become heavily situated and no longer provide the same results of they did, they not just provide spammy profile follow request from users who use auto bots. The best way to do shout outs; the more professional way would be to buy shoutouts from big pages to ensure that your get a good genuine reach to users.

Over all, getting more likes on your Instagram page requires hard work, we would recommend users use services such as Buy Instagram Likes to boost their page to begin with, especially if the page is new and doesn’t have much engagement.