Firstly being an Entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. Secondly using different platforms for promoting a particular business is risky because you aren’t aware what the outcome will be, still you are willing to take a step and give it a try.

Business can be promoted through many ways and social media is one of them too. Some of the famous one’s are FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and SNAPCHAT etc. Amongst all of them Instagram takes the lead due to many reasons for which we’ll talk now. Many people even Buy Instagram followers to get ahead. So some of the basic points are these:


According to Google Instagram has grown by over 300 Million users compared to Facebook & Snap chat


In Instagram we can keep our stories for a longer period as Highlights whereas in Facebook & Snap chat the stories last 24 HOURS only so a plus point to Instagram because people can see it whenever they wish to. And to keep people more engage we can add up the QUESTIONS & POLL features within our stories so that we could be aware of what people thinks and suggests as well.


Content of a certain thing has very much importance if we want to welcome the people and expect positive reaction from them. Something explained perfectly won’t give birth to confusions.


We can use up to 20-30 hash tags which will expand our reach to some extent.


Recently Instagram has added a new feature through which creators and influencers can upload a video content that doesn’t fit within 60 seconds range to make people more aware of a certain thing.


In saving purposes Instagram doest helps. How can it cost through postings it just needs our time and devotion to it. So there is no loss in promoting a business through it.

These are few ways to promote a certain business through Instagram. Concluding it with that We have just talked about how to be an entrepreneur by using Instagram but doesn’t mean this is the only way to do so If And only If there is WILL there will be Ways it totally depends on us through what ways we can and if we will spend our days and night for it and do it with full heart than GOD helps us too and no one can stop us from Shining.

Some ways that an entrepreneur should use Instagram to lead network of strong contact:

  1. Direct Message:

It is important to send the message authentic and to the point while delivering the direct message.

  1. Outreach through Value:

If you extraordinary follow those to whom you want to contact, you will lose your value that will affect your business. The best thing you can do to contact people is to offer a compliment. Letting people know you understand what they’re doing and the optimistic impact it has on the world is always a good idea.

  1. The Money Comes from the Research only:

This indicates that, if you contact people on Instagram and do not gain their excited and positive attention, then you will easily lose them. To win their hearts, you should first focus on your words that you will apply to attempt.


So it is cleared that, to be a successful entrepreneur using Instagram, you should focus on the proper research to follow the right and correct people who are beneficial for your business. Before gaining their positive result, you have to struggle before that, in such a way that you have to be authentic and you also should focus on your proper content to deal. So it is not really difficult to be an entrepreneur using Instagram.