How to create an Instagram profile, this is something that is asked very often. Instagram now has over 600M users world wide, this has lead many marketers to realise this and then use Instagram to create leads and business as an open platform for business – Buy Instagram Followers.

Many people are now joining onto Instagram as a way to increase their business and showcase themselves to the world.

Today we will have a look at how we can create an account step by step and focus on getting your account looking as good as possible before you showcase yourself to the world.

Here below are the steps to creating your first Instagram account:

Google Instagram: Go onto your google browser, this can also be your preferred browser of choice and include browsers such as bing, firefox or even safari, it is your preference. 

After going onto google, then click on the search bar and type in Instagram profile, then click onto the top search result.

Go onto Instagram: After going onto Instagram, then click “ sign up” underneath sign in page, this will then progress you onto the page that allows you to sign up and the create your username.

To create a username, think of something unique, for example if you have a business or blog, use that, if it’s your name, try to create something so users such as your mates can find you easily.

Design your new page: After signing up, it is now time to ensure your page looks the part, as you want it to stand out and be desirable; especially if this is a business page you will want to ensure that you have included your business contact info, logo, name and short bio to let customers know what you are about.

Build up your following: It is not time to build up your following on social media, this can be done multiple ways such as sponsored adverts, follow backs, social media PR campaigns, or you can even Buy Instagram Followers to quickly increase your followers. 

To find our more on how you too can create and build up your social media page or if you have any questions