Third place goes to the Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama with little over sixty and a half million followers

A Selection of The Top Celebrities on Social Media Today! 

Social Media is the latest craze and the next biggest thing since sliced bread. Everyone from your next door neighbor who insists on mowing his lawn at three in the morning to the American President during his many vacations uses social media websites like Twitter, which allows you to express your current thoughts immediately in one hundred and forty characters or less; Instagram, which is the social media platform for pictures of everyday life from the random foodies to places that you are visiting; and Facebook in which you can connect with family members, old friends from the past and allow you to make new friends from all over the globe. This is going to focus on celebrities who use social media, mainly the biggest and most followed celebrities of each social media outlet.

First we are going to start with the five biggest celebrities on Twitter as of June of 2015: In first place is the lovely Ms. Katy Perry with an astounding seventy-one million followers. Second place belongs to boy wonder Justin Beiber with almost sixty-five million followers. Third place goes to the Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama with little over sixty and a half million followers. Fourth place goes to the very sweet Taylor Swift at fifty-nine million followers, then fifth and final place goes to a website which has become a celebrity in itself called YouTube at fifty-two million followers.

Next is the five biggest celebrities on the social media site Instagram: In first place is the very talented Salma Hayek who joined in March of 2015 and snapped eleven pictures on her first day! Second is the former Spice Girl Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham who snaps pics of her ever growing fashion collection and the occasional peek of husband David. Third place belongs to Leonardo DiCaprio who uses his Instagram account to promote his various philanthropic causes. Fourth places is for Ms. Alicia Keys who shares up close and personal images with her followers. Last but certainly not least is Jessica Alba who loves sharing silly selfies and photos of her little ones, Honour and Haven.

Finally is the five biggest celebrities of Facebook are as follows: First place goes to the football star Christiano Ronaldo with one hundred and three million fans. Second place with one hundred and one million fans is singer/ musician Shakira. Third place goes to Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel with ninety-three and a half million fans. Fourth place goes to world renowned rapper Eminem with ninety-two million fans and finally is the beautiful Rihanna with her eighty-one million fans,

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