social media gives them the perfect space to connect, engage audiences, gain followers, and market themselves.

Social media is a term that almost everyone is acquainted with. It’s no wonder, considering 1/4th of the world’s population actively uses social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. However, more than just individuals, social media is a great platform for celebrities and businesses as well.

The common factor of individuals using social media and celebs/brands using it is connection. Individuals use sites like Facebook to stay connected with their friends and family and use sites like YouTube and Twitter to stay in touch with the world. Celebrities and brands however create different kinds of connections and these are connections with the aforementioned individuals – their connection is based on the motive of marketing and exposure.

Whilst marketing and exposure seems like a distant and unengaging type of connection, celebrities and brands don’t do it conventionally. This is the charm of social media – it gives them the space to connect with their fans and followers and gain popularity without having to establish real commitments. They can simply create a page and regularly give news, updates, giveaways, sneak peeks into their personal lives, etc. and their followers remain easily attracted to them.

You can find many brands and celebrities on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Many of the site owners also provide verification to authentic brands and celebs so that they may be distinguished from the fan created pages. Facebook and Twitter allow them to post important updates and pictures and giveaways; Instagram is where they can post pictures of events, happenings, upcoming products or their songs, movies, or books, etc. and YouTube is where they can provide videos of their content. All wrapped up, social media gives them the perfect space to connect, engage audiences, gain followers, and market themselves.

You can find countless brands and celebrities, artists, musicians, actors, etc. on social media. Whether they personally handle their pages or have social media experts or assistants do it, the point is the people still get the image of connecting with popular celebs and brands – which is exactly why social media is their best source of connections with fans and followers.

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