Social Media Revolution

If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world! 

social mediaBeing active on social media and getting a social name is a lifestyle in the modern world. Thanks to the development of IT to this level that has propelled the desires of all important members of the society to become a social media image. Media is just the vehicle that brings or caters to the desires of one being famous among the social media. Social media is a very power tool that has evolved itself from rags to rich. Social media is basically a tool that is used to create, exchange, share information about anything existent non-existent in this world.

Social Media

There are various versions of the same. Social media networks can be community oriented where people can share their views over a particular worldly issue or personal issue. The comments posted and the following reviews would form an information base around the topic and the same can be accessed by others. Talking about the various versions of social media, the other branches could be business portals, community gateways, blogs, forums, photo sharing, product knowledge/reviews, social gaming, video sharing etc. all the above different facets of a social media aims at only one thing; people engagement. In turn social media network is classified into a different class based on popularity.


The class is called “virality”. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the examples that fall under this category. They are the most popular among others and are used by uncountable users. Facebook among them is older and is more of a personal database sort. Now, of course it is used by all business portals as a promotion platform. Fans create pages of their favorite celebrities and post their achievements and awards, this in turn serves as a news update. This is a very powerful platform as it is connected worldwide through internet. Across geographical barriers views and thoughts can be exchanged and complete database of knowledge can be formed. In comparison, twitter is more like a professional one.


Many celebrities have their twitter account and it is very good to see that. Twitter is partnered with all games and movies and features the promotions. The platform is accessible to all and is a very convenient mode of communication. Instagram as a whole is completely different from that of Facebook and Twitter and is a photo sharing platform. The platform maintains the privacy of the members and keeps it restricted to certain limits. It is a very trusted platform.

Adding yourself to a social media network would surely let you be connected to the whole world and also let people know about your own achievements and accomplishments. Sharing is caring and we all should connect to create.

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Promote Your Business On Social Media

Social media has long been regarded as one of the most useful creations of our century. This generation has the pleasure of being able to make the world seem a little smaller by bringing people together all on a few platforms. Social media exists all over the internet and there are many different platforms that you can definitely pick from.

When you start to realize that social media can be a great platform to use in order to promote your business that is when you really start using it to its fullest potential. There are many different websites, such as Instagram, twitter, and Facebook, that really bring a boost to businesses and can help these people not only stay in the black but boost their revenue higher than they ever thought possible. This is a type of marketing that is not only lucrative, but can be free if utilized correctly. So many places nowadays will charge you for advertising space and marketing fees, but with social media you can spearheaded absolutely every single aspect of that platform and make your own marketing ideas, pitches, messages, and posts. The more people that view these advertisements, the more businesses you are likely to make, all while doing it from your own home. Social media marketing is a growing trend of marketing, and is by far the fastest growing ever, and is a great soon to not only your pocket but your services as well.

Social media is used for fun and pleasure but it can certainly be used for businesses that also want to interact more with their consumers. You can provide them with deals and alert on sales in your store at the click of a button, you can let people know the services that you are going to provide and start a relationship with people you have never even met, all for the simple sake of providing them with something they need while getting the money you need. It is a win-win for everyone involved and one that people should definitely take the time to research and not shrug off. Any avenue where you can make money by spending a little amount of money can be worth the time.

You can get into the business of buying followers and likes and having people talk about your business for a price, but the end result is that all it takes is a little know-how, the patience to start a social media marketing platform, and just getting it done. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have proven that they are forced to be reckoned with; now they can be a force for your business.

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Social Media Marketing & The Music Industry

In the last few years, we have seen a sudden emergence of social media sites, and social media marketing. Most of the UK based businesses believe in doing their marketing on networking sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. No business can afford to ignore the importance of these social media sites.

Due to this emerging trend, the music industry too has changed its business model. The music albums are usually shared, and should be trending on YouTube channels, and other channels, so that they are deemed to be popular. With almost every music lover having an account on the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to target them, and reach out to them. Once the music bands create a page of their own on these social media sites, they will get many likes and followers.

These music fans can start following all the music video tracks that are shared on the page. It is a very easy way of marketing, and has a spiralling effect. With the shares increasing, the music video will become viral, and will become the most trending and popular video. Also, it is a great way to interact with the fans, and find out what they like and what they don’t like. With the help of this direct feedback, the music industry can work towards their weaknesses, and bring out more music, which is in demand.
When the social media was not there, people used to meet at music shows, concerts and conventions, and discuss the music. But, now, with the help of online communities and social media, the like-minded people can form their own groups, and give reliable feedbacks to the music industry. So, to reach out to the targeted audience, the music industry should make use of the social media. These can help in monitoring the success of tracks, and building up more fans.

So, the social media marketing sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be used for finding out the latest trends and tastes of the audience, and also their purchasing behaviour. It is the best way to feel the pulse of the market.

The music industry has always been coming out with latest formats, new business models, and new technology, so that they remain on top of their fan’s minds and hearts. With the help of social media marketing, they can get more online endorsements, and gain more exposure with the newer audiences.

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A closer look at Social Media!

Social Media in todays society plays a huge part in todays marketing campaigns for both big business and the music industry assisting
both marketing executives and pr agencies in reaching new audiences and discovering new markets!

There are five basic forms of social media. Let’s have a look below at them.

1. Social Networks

These are sites where people build personal and business web pages and then connect with their Friends and/or family to communicate, share content and share photos. There are a many social networks although most of us think of Facebook right away however Twitter is not far off!

2. Online Forums

Forums came before social media and were an important predecessor that remains important today. These are sites were online discussion are around a specific hobby, topic, or interest. Information is shared and exchanged and online communities are built.

3. Blogs

Blogs are a well-known plus popular form of social media. A blog is like an online journal in many ways. It can be personal or business. They can be based on a specific topic such as fashion or real estate, or they can be more like a diary discussing daily events or news.

4. Content Communities

Content communities organise and share based on a specific type of other content such as videos or photos. YouTube is the biggest content community. There are others such as Flickr or

5. Microblogging

Microblogging combines social networking and micro blogs, which are the equivalent of little sound bites. It’s the perfect way of sharing new information for mobile devices. Twitter is an excellent example of microblogging and they are considered the leader in the microblogging arena.

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Save On Marketing With Social Media

Its been told that Social Media is the new word of mouth marketing!

Its best to utilise the power of social media as its free and at your fingertips! Many businesses use social media to reach new markets and promote there product even big corporations to include: Coca Cola Company & The Adidas Group!

Here are a few points to consider when starting your business on social media.

1. Think About creating great content and the likes, engagement and shares will follow!

2. Create social value and post topics relevant to your market

3. Be Consistent with your posts and keep people updated

4. Link all your social media accounts together

5. Include others in your posts such as local business and customers and more

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5 Steps To Success On Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic way to share images with the world, your friends or potentially new or existing customers. With the recently announced 200 million users Instagram can be the ideal place to promote your brand or business so here are a few tips to help you along the way!

1)  Less is more, Have a basic info section!

On your Instagram profile never have more than 2 lines within your information section! Keep it short and sweet Remember Instagram is a visual photo sharing app people don’t visit to read!

2) Buying Instagram Followers can help!

Statistics show that a person is 60% more likely to purchase a product or follow an account if a business has a good social media presence than a business or person without, therefore if you are new to Instagram you can benefit and build your presence by simply buying Instagram Followers

3) Use Hashtags To Target Your Audience

Using hashtags can widen your reach on Instagram and help you promote a specific product or offer to your chosen market. Each chosen image upon upload should be accompanied by a short message or even a caption followed by 1-5 chosen hashtags for example.. #Business #Haircare #Model #Motorsport this way your image will be distributed to the genre of people and generate further likes and interest!

4) Do not upload to many images, keep them wanting more

Be sure to distance the time between uploads, minimise your posts to once daily to keep your followers updated but anticipating more.

5) Appeal to self interest, share a variety of photos.

Although your ultimate goal is to sell your product, don’t just post sales information. Your followers want to relate to you, so use Instagram as a chance to give them a glimpse of who your company is, put a face to the people behind the brand and you will be a success on Instagram.

Thank you for reading this post we hope it helps you on your way to social media success however in the meantime if you are a new business are you are looking to create a social media presence and improve your appearance on Instagram we have a fantastic range of affordable packages available here: > Buy Instagram Followers UK – Greedier Social Media

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Business guide to get the most out of Twitter!

With over 500 million users and thousands more joining everyday Twitter can be the ideal place to promote your business or brand. There are a number of ways to promote your brand 5 of them are listed as below!

1. Optimize Your Twitter Biography

Not only should your Twitter bio tell followers who you are it should also explain what you do, keep it short and sweet like an elevator pitch for example.

2. Follow Your Target Market

Utilize Twitter’s best features such as hashtags to track down your target market or people who may have an interest in your product as this will help build your following and promote your business or brand.

3. Tweet Regularly – Simple!

Make sure your page is constantly updated with new and engaging content this will keep your followers in the know about your brand and business, don’t allow people to forget about you!

4. “You Get What You Give”

Share the love and retweet your followers posts and they will do the same this will help build your following and get the name out!

5. Use Images And Video Content

It has been proven that images and videos and other rich media receive more views, clicks and even shares. While social media managers may be doing a great job updating your status everyday up to 60% of followers can overlook this therefore we recommend you enrich your page with visibly attractive images and video.

So there you go 5 ways to increase your Followers, activity and business profile on Twitter!

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