There are a lot of debates going on regarding should one Buy Instagram Followers or not. Some say it is bad because you need real Instagram followers for high engagement rate, fake followers will just mess up your Instagram profile. Some say it is an effective marketing tactic that will helps to boost your online credibility. No matter which side are you stand, buying Instagram followers is a secret tactic many social media marketing company engaged.

Everyone start from zero, and everyone wish they had a huge followers base on Instagram even before they create their Instagram account. Having a large followers base will make your Instagram profile look appealing to your potential new followers. By nature the follower number is a key factor where people decide to follow you or not. However building from scratch to big followers required times and countless quality content, interaction with potential followers. Living in the world where the competitions only getting tougher, everyone just don’t have enough time to do all these tasks on daily basis.

  • Buy Instagram Followers to increase following  – When you had a large Instagram follower base that implies you are popular in the eyes of potential followers. They will think, “hey, this guy is popular, maybe he got something interesting, let’s check him out!” – and then they will start to follow you. In one experience done by ourselves which last for 3 months, two Instagram account with similar product were created, one we send 5,000 Instagram followers and one we didn’t. After that both account run the same daily activities by following, liking and commenting the potential followers’ posts. At the end of the test, the account with initial 5,000 followers gets 30% more real followers compare to the one who start from non.
  • More sales or higher conversion – This has to do with social influencing. Example of social influencing is when everyone around you is looking at one direction you will be looking to the same direction too, or, when no one is buying certain flavor of drink you will likely to follow as well. So when you have a larger followers number, the conversion rate will tend to rise higher as well. Because your followers will think your product or service is good that’s why you are getting more and more followers, and those who haven’t buy anything from you will start pay more attention to what you’ve offer. No one wants to be left out from what is trending.