Social Media in todays society plays a huge part in todays marketing campaigns for both big business and the music industry assisting
both marketing executives and pr agencies in reaching new audiences and discovering new markets!

There are five basic forms of social media. Let’s have a look below at them.

1. Social Networks

These are sites where people build personal and business web pages and then connect with their Friends and/or family to communicate, share content and share photos. There are a many social networks although most of us think of Facebook right away however Twitter is not far off!

2. Online Forums

Forums came before social media and were an important predecessor that remains important today. These are sites were online discussion are around a specific hobby, topic, or interest. Information is shared and exchanged and online communities are built.

3. Blogs

Blogs are a well-known plus popular form of social media. A blog is like an online journal in many ways. It can be personal or business. They can be based on a specific topic such as fashion or real estate, or they can be more like a diary discussing daily events or news.

4. Content Communities

Content communities organise and share based on a specific type of other content such as videos or photos. YouTube is the biggest content community. There are others such as Flickr or

5. Microblogging

Microblogging combines social networking and micro blogs, which are the equivalent of little sound bites. It’s the perfect way of sharing new information for mobile devices. Twitter is an excellent example of microblogging and they are considered the leader in the microblogging arena.

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