Anyone who uses Instagram knows how valuable the platform is for business growth and personal branding. It is one of the top social media sites where people are relentlessly growing their brands and businesses. Although having an audience is just as important as other aspects, creating engagement in your account is critical to your business growth.

In a way, it is easy to grow your audience since there are websites through which you can buy Instagram followers. People tend to go for this because of the belief in the industry that the more followers you have, the better your chances of seeming professional and relevant to your potential target audience. But for you to start becoming the talk of the town, you need engagement.

This includes all the comments, likes, shares, and other actions that prove that your audience is well receiving the type of content you post. And this kind of engagement works best for accounts with an organic audience compared to those that buy Instagram followers.

Continue reading to learn about the top 10 tips for boosting Instagram Engagement.

Be More Authentic:

Honesty and relatability are critical aspects that can help you make it big in the online world. While marketing and advertising tactics are just as crucial for growth, authenticity always works with an audience. Go beyond just trying to get an audience to your side. Share the real experiences as honestly as possible so people find your content more relatable.

Rather than trying to show your audience the picture-perfect life on social media, showing them a little behind-the-scenes footage or writing a humorous caption that depts the real BTS of the shoot can break the mirror of perfection and allow your audience to connect with you on a deeper level.

Create Valuable Content:

Valuable content, in the sense of social media, is any content shared and saved by the users. These types of interactions create a lot of engagement, which drives traffic. What it means is that your content is relatable and valuable to the users who are sharing it with their friends or saving it for reference.

You can achieve this by focusing on a niche and making content based on that. For example, life hacks or helpful tips on certain aspects. You can also use captions and other infographics within Instagram to make the content more visually appealing to your audience.

Create And Post Carousels:

Carousels are posts on Instagram that has more than one picture. It’s a great feature because you can add videos and images in up to 10 items in one post. According to Hootsuite, carousels have a very high engagement rate on Instagram, with 1.01%. The study also found that there’s 3.1 times more engagement on carousel posts when compared to standard posts.

Although this is not very week known, it might be because of Instagram’s algorithm that allows such posts to reappear on another user’s feed if they have yet to engage or interact with it. So, unlike standard posts, which get only one chance on the feed, these posts can come up for a second or third time, allowing the user more chances to react to the post.

Host A Giveaway:

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Giveaways are a sure way of earning a few new followers and boosting interaction on your page. Since everyone loves receiving gifts, there are higher chances for your audience to interact with your posts if you host an enticing giveaway.

This is where the “know your audience” part comes in handy. Only when you know what your audience enjoys, you’ll be able to host a successful giveaway where you give your audience a chance to win products or services that your audience seems to enjoy.

Giveaways are only as good as what it offers. You can ask all participants to leave a comment, like a picture, share the post, etc.; these help your page garner more traffic and increase the engagement rate drastically.

Share Relatable Posts:

Nothing is more enticing than finding an Instagram account that shares posts you relate with. In most cases, a random follower might choose to follow a specific page because of the relatability of the posts. For example, in the era of creating, posting, and sharing memes regularly, these simple yet highly engaging posts are great for audience interaction.

Let Your Captions Include A Few Call-To-Actions:

Call-to-actions (CTAs) allow your audience to interact with you in the comments. This basically means that you can create a post and add a question or comment in your caption that your audience can respond to.

This works only if you have a relevant question based on your post. For example, if your post was an anecdote, you can follow it up with a question relating to the anecdote in question. This gives you more authenticity. If you don’t have a question, you can ask them for recommendations or suggestions or click the link on your bio.

Make Use Of Videos:

Although pictures and images seem to be the most straightforward posts to create for Instagram, there are always more opportunities for higher engagement rates with video content. Nowadays, the Instagram algorithm is embracing all video content and putting them out there on all “For You” pages.

In fact, the “Reels” section on Instagram has a dedicated icon where you can watch all video-only content through this category. The best part is that Instagram comes with features to help you create reels within the application. So, you can create your videos without downloading another application. You can do anything you want through Instagram and directly upload through the same device.


First, you need a good following to get high engagement rates on your Instagram. After this, you can start working on your engagement and interactions. If you need help getting more followers, you can always buy Instagram followers through various websites. It is the easiest way to get more followers without having to do much work for it.

Once you have a good following, you can freely focus on your content quality. This helps boost your engagement rates because users like interacting with accounts with valuable, high-quality content.