Social media is in some ways a blessing as well, hence its popularity!

Over the years technology has taken a rapid progression that has led to many incredible invention that in no doubt have made life on this planet much easier. Like other inventions internet usage has accelerated by and large. Not only is it being used for research projects and communication but most people today on the web are concerned with the social media. With social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in play people are hooked on their laptops, phones and tablets. While these websites have made communication easier and faster, it goes without saying that the word privacy has lost its meaning. Everyone is well aware of who is doing what with the constant posting of photos and check-ins. It has also given people a chance to spread news and information fast and to a large number of people all at once. This has contributed in outrages over a social or political issue, memes of famous personalities and leg pulling very often. Thus providing us with the ability to voice our opinion and be in control.

Putting the negatives aside this social media is in some ways a blessing as well hence its popularity. People have managed to find their long lost friends on Facebook. Whether your friends live next door or miles away in a whole other continent they are just a click away. You can be in constant contact with them. Through this medium positive thoughts can also be shared with the world. Also if we use the social media tactically, it is the most powerful type of marketing and market research that this world ever had. It does not matter whether you are an individual, small company or a big one with social media you can reach out all your customers and show them that you are good, you can be trusted and know what you are doing. One of the best things of social media is its power to unite people for a cause who can work as a force for good. So in a way with all the twisted negativities this social networking business has a positive side to it as well.

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