We all know that Instagram lets us tell a story through photography. You are able to show your followers exactly what you see yourself. However, you might lack some inspiration on what you could post, so you keep your audience interested.

  1. Post photos of ‘Behind the Scenes’

Many businesses, bloggers, models etc. tend to post photos of what is happening behind the scenes of their lives, which are always under the radar. You could do so too. Post photos of the kitchen or the chef, or behind the scenes photo shoot antics.

  1. Of course the importance of Selfies

As we already know, selfies have officially taken over all social media platforms, not just Instagram. Pay a visit to your Instagram, and there isn’t a chance you won’t see at least one selfie.

  1. Can’t go wrong with a Quote

Quotes have been a big part of Instagram lately. Especially when you are out of ideas, you can always share a funny or inspiring quote. Studies have found that quotes usually attract the most attention and engagement.

  1. Memes

However you like to pronounce this sensational internet creation, memes without a doubt will guarantee that your account is considered as fun. Most importantly, your sense of humour will be highlighted.

  1. Make use of the fairly new Video feature

Provide fans and followers with an intimate glance of your company through the use of a short video post. Videos can be considered to be far more personal, than just generic photos. So get videoing!

  1. Hyperlapse

As well as the fairly new video feature on Instagram, hyperlapse is also a pretty recent invention. The Instagram Hyperlapse app allows you to capture impressive, time laps videos.

  1. Can’t go wrong with a throwback

The throwback Thursday phenomena, as well as the TBT hashtag is very popular amongst all Instagram users. Share photos from your past.

  1. Funny photos

Everyone likes a good laugh. A funny photo will lighten up everyone’s mood and will portray you account as one with lots of positive energy. Make someone laugh, and surely they will like or comment on your photos.

  1. Daily life posts

Take a photo of what you see on the bus, or on the way to work or university. Or when you are at the park.

10. Your food

Everyone loves a great picture of great food. Snap a picture of your lunch or your restaurant date!

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