The power of the visual content on Instagram and other social media platforms that have appeared the last 15 years along with all the technology advancement , is continuing rising every single day. Instagram, Facebook,Twitter ,Tik Tok and Snapchat are the most popular social media networks in the whole world. Billions of people are using these platforms every day ,it already became a daily routine for many. Common people ,celebrities, brands , TV shows , basically everyone is already a user of these platforms.

Currently the influence of Instagram is above all of the other platforms we mentioned and the mobile application managed to increase its users up to 2 billions active users for the past few years. Instagram is a preferred method of communication by many ,besides that it is a super powerful marketing tool as well. Instagram supports visual content such as pictures and videos. In fact this is the best advertising method and that explains why owners of all kinds of businesses are joining the platform and promoting their goods and services there.

Instagram provides the ability for anyone to gain many followers that can become customers which will increase the sales and improve the business on the whole. Although it is not easy to gain a big audience ,first you can try to increase your followers on Instagram buy UK Instagram Followers from suppliers. Once you manage to gain enough followers you should start promoting your products on Instagram.

Until recently Instagram allowed its users to upload videos that were no longer than 1 minute length. It was not good for the business sector on the platform because they were not able to fully present their goods and services, so in 2019 Instagram announced that they added a new feature called IGTV (Instagram TV) which allows users to upload videos from 20 seconds till 1 hour length.

However only verified accounts are able to upload videos with 60 minutes length , the common users can publish videos no longer than 10 minutes.In fact IGTV can really increase the awareness of a brand because brands are able to present their products, how they work , how they are made or how people to incorporate these products in their lives. In fact videos are considered to be the best method that can engage the audience. By using IGTV businesses have enough room to present their goods and services on videos moreover Instagram already supports vertical and full screen videos.

Many people compare IGTV to YouTube , in fact there are similar functions , however YouTube is a platform strongly related to videos. If you share unique and interesting content with your audience your engagement rate will increase for sure. In fact the engagement rate is the most important thing when it comes to developing powerful marketing strategies on Instagram.

The engagement rate represents the balance between your followers and how they interact with your content. In order to receive more traffic by uploading videos on IGTV you should also put a relevant title, descriptions and of course relevant hashtags. The keywords that are used for searching content, called hashtags, are considered by many social media experts to be a really powerful method of increasing the traffic on your page and gaining many new followers, likes on your publications which on the other hand will increase the engagement rate along with the other things we mentioned.

The last few years many people think that there is nothing more effective than Instagram when it comes to business improvement owing to adverts and collabs with influencers who have massive followers base and can promote products and make people buy these products. Instagram is full of visual content on Instagram which makes the platform the best place for commercials.