Long gone are the days where celebrities just had late-night talk show appearances and magazine interviews to talk about their feelings. On social media, they have a 24/7 way to talk to the world. We looked back at some of the biggest social media stories of the year as well as data from Crowdtangle to figure out which celebrities were shaping the conversation on the web. Here are the 13 most powerful celebrities on social media.

Fast forward a few decades and celebrity self-promotion has become a normal part of our daily lives. You can always find superstars from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Simpson promoting their latest product on Instagram or Facebook. There’s no doubt you’ve spotted these ads while scrolling through your news feed. By being active on social media, we allow celebrity endorsements to enter our homes and influence our purchasing decisions. Like it or not, it’s an effective way to spread the word about a brand! Many celebs themselves are also in the battle for who has the most followers and interaction on their pages, that’s why many of them look to Buy Instagram Followers and Buy Instagram Likes

When you think of Calvin Klein, your mind probably can’t help but wander to the days when heartthrob David Beckham proudly repped their stylish boxers. If you love wearing cosmetics and staying on top of the latest trends, you also probably picture Jennifer Aniston anytime you hear the brand name Aveeno. Either way, your ability to recall brands based on who represents them and vice versa is what makes this advertising tactic so effective. This strategy has encouraged celebrities to branch off and create products of their own and market their own brand. Next thing you know, their newest endeavor is following you everywhere from Twitter to Snapchat. Here are some celebs who are best known for their never-ending self-promotion!