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This question is thought by many avid bloggers, celebrities and avid social media users in today’s digital world. But is it worth it?

Engagement factor is is important if you are purchasing followers to get noticed by brands, it is important that your account also has a good amount of engagement, this can be anything from re-posts, comments and likes. Although people care about the amount of followers that one has, it is equally as important to ensure that the profile has a high amount of engagement in comparison to their followers, otherwise it will appear fake. To big brands who are seeking influences to promote their products, having a big following is one thing, but engagement is another, as they wish to see high amounts of activity on an account for them to see a potential return on their investments.

The more followers that you have, the higher ratio of engagement you must have on each post. Buying likes is just as easy as buying followers, it it also important to understand the ratios between likes and followers to ensure that the profile looks genuine; as an abundance of likes in comparison to the followers will raise red flags with not just other users, but brand influences and even Instagram themselves.

Buying likes is just as simple as buying the followers, for example a user with a following of 10,000 will be expected to have each post with likes at around 300-700, therefore a user who as purchased the majority of their 10,000 followers will buy the likes on each post to ensure that the profile appears organic.

In addition to this, some sites are boasting a unique feature called “auto-likes” , these packages ensure that the user will receive a specified amount of likes per post to ensure that it doesn’t look fake. This can be also achieved with “auto-followers”, auto-followers allow a user to build up their profile naturally and obtain credibility without looking like they have purchased followers.

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