Buying Instagram followers (social media) is becoming a new phanonominon as many public figures and celebrities have been called out for buying social media followers to increase their online presence across multiple platforms such as snapchat Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now even Youtube.

Even celebs on youtube are resorting to buying youtube  subscribers  and even views to boost their activity and to make them appear more popular. Buying Instagram followers does bring some benefits to the table as many people assume that Buying Instagram followers is pointless as it fills the profiles with inactive bot accounts. The main benefit to buying Instagram followers is that it increases the online presence, not only this, buying more Instagram followers and likes, will put you higher in the search results and other peoples news feed, this gives them a better opportunity to be seen and the ability to grow the page more organically, this can also lead to more sales and click rates through to websites and referrals.

Another benefit to Buy Instagram Followers is that it is very quick and simple method to gaining more followers, this is important as a public figure as many of them feel the need to keep up an image amongst their competition and to fans who look up to them. Additionally, if the celebrity has an upcoming movie role, it may be important for them to increase their following quickly through buying them in order to increase their credibility as they need to be seen to be more popular in the public eye.

Can anyone Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, anyone can purchase followers for their social media platforms and Instagram accounts, the question is is it necessary for people with an already low followers who may have low amounts of activity of the account. For example a low amount of likes may look odd if the user has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, therefore having a higher chance of being called out.

How easy is it to Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram Followers is very simple, it is just as simple as buying a product on Amazon. You find a website like Greedier Social Media, and show the range of services, choose a service you likes ,connect your social media profile,  then make a secure payment via PayPal or visa/master card at the checkout.

How quickly can you receive the followers?

The Instagram followers can be instant to up-to 24 hours for delivery, this will depend on the size of the orders. For example Buying Instagram Followers in the quantity of 10,000 may take unto a day to go onto the account, whereas 100 followers can pretty much be instant.

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