I  this day and age, businesses, social media bloggers and influencers have the free opportunity to create amazing content to showcase their services and products. It has never been easier to start up a business using social media as a free platform to build a customer base, generate lead and to advertise your products. That’s why many people choose to start off and decide to Buy Instagram Followers to give them the boost they need to stand out.

Here below we have come up with a 5 step process that includes recommendations on how you can increase your following and create high engagement with your customers.

1. Stick to one theme 

  • Studies show that social media platforms who consistency post good content are more likely to grow the quickest, keeping to one theme will allow your chosen target market to grow and stat engagement. There is nothing worse than having a page filled with random content that will not make any sense to your audience. the key to building a loyal following is to keep them engaged by sticking to one interest.

2. Post multiple times per day 

Make the most of the free advertising available through simply posting to your audience on Instagram, pages that post multiple times a day are more likely to grow as they are keeping up with fresh content that keeps their audience engaged with their posts. When you post multiple times in one day, you show your audience that you are active, this also allows you to make the most of sing locations and hashtags for new people to find your page.

3. Interact with your followers

Interacting with your followers is a great way to grow organically, this can also show how enthusiastic your business is through engagement, this will also create interest when you comment on peoples photos and reply to their comments.

4. Post at optimized times of the day

There are many apps out there that can tune your page to automatically post at optimized times to suit your audience, for example, a popular time may be after 6 pm when people are home from work. A recent study also showed that 8 pm on a Sunday can also be good as many people are sat at home on their phones looking at Instagram. This way, they are more likely to see the post as they are not at school/work.

5. Take advantage of social media/ Facebook Ads

The last one is the most obvious, Facebook and Instagram allow easily to advertise to a new audience and do sponsored ads to get in front of the target market. Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising is a very cheap method that can put your page in front of the right people.